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Meet southie cookiE

When I moved to South Boston in 2020, I quickly realized there was nowhere to get a thick, gooey cookie in the neighborhood. I started baking in my small apartment kitchen on East Broadway and shared them with friends and family. Interest from South Boston residents began to grow and to my amazement, people were willing to line up outside my apartment door to pick up their cookie orders. With hungry neighbors and baking and entrepreneurship being my two lifelong passions, it was the perfect opportunity to go all in with Southie Cookie.

Southie Cookie soon grew into a commercial kitchen where we love to experiment with creative new flavors (Nutella stuffed anyone?). After years of countless early mornings and late nights working on my business and with my customers’ never-ending support, I was able to quit my 9-5 and jump into Southie Cookie full time in 2023. As I continue to work hard on growing the company, one thing that remains the same is the happiness I feel being able to share each cookie with you.

With love,

Maude, Owner & Founder

Boston Globe Feature
Boston Globe Feature
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